Friday, April 30, 2010

Brave Hearts: Change Is a Very Difficult Thing to Make- When it happens it is the Second Coming

We have survived, sustained and are well armed. We also have the strength and grace to accept our new selves and the changes we have to make. Strong both in body and mind, we can live like never before, keeping the lines, don’t worry be happy!

When I discovered my cancer, I mourned going bald more than the cancer itself. That was vanity crying out! All the celebrities, the stark woman in Star Trek did not impress me then. They had a choice, I did not. I loved my ethnic style, but I needed that chemo to get well. So, I shaved my head before it fell in sad beaten tufts. I adapted and gave myself a complete change in personality, with bandanas, gypsy skirts, long earrings etc. Today I have grown from bald to bold and beautiful (pardon me for plagiarism) . I am a new me it’s a refreshing change. It feels great doing things I never did before. Adapting is the key. The change has improved my self-concept and inner strength. The outer change has also enhanced my inner sense of confidence, calmness and cheer. I know my attitude is right. I feel healthy, alive and sensitized to the world around me. Life is beautiful! I am a Prashanti Advocate and proud to be one! Join me in defeating breast cancer and replacing it with healthy women, women and more women. We’ll also achieve better gender balance


Thursday, April 29, 2010

Prashanti Cancer Care Mission launched their Website at the O hotel in Pune .Mrs Anu Aga inaugurated the same .
I saw mother harvested,
Half eaten by the crows
Who stole the black from her scalp;
Tired and consumed by
Those skulking cells.

I don’t remember the day…
But her songs shriveled like
The tomatoes in my defrosted fridge –
Pale pink, red, black –
Scarred by the hurt scabs of cold.

Her brows collapsed into the pockets of her nightgown
And twilight loops, cast lines across her eyes
As she showed me the black, clotted ball,
Hidden behind the mother I sucked once
Like supporting columns, of stationary fear.

I rambled out of automatic doors
Into the awful sun
To steal a smoke,
While she lay in the executive suite,
Explicating her newest victory to friends

Sushil Sivaram
Book of Crumbs

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

The first meeting of the Prashanti Advocacy group took place on the26th of April, 2010 at the Orchids Specialty Breast Care Centre,Training Hall.
The Advocacy Group is an independent think tank to look at issues in cancer care and control, prioritize, plan, and raise a critical mass to actively seek health reforms and prioritization of cancer in the health agenda.

Members of the Advocacy Group belong to different professional domains. Our group consists of survivors of cancer, members coming from the social sciences and humanities, science and technology community. These members will steer all advocacy activities of Prashanti from the grassroots level.

Dr. Koppiker gave a brief overview of Prashanti activities which include patient aid, patient support and public health education and a specialty breast clinic. He emphasized the need for patient advocacy specially with respect to initiating legal and financial aid.

A 20 minute presentation on what is advocacy, best and not so best examples and practices from India and the basics and principles of advocacy was made by Rama Sivaram. The purpose of this was to enable the members to identify issues, prioritize issues, debate and put into perspective what needs to be done, how it needs to be done and the associated pros and cons. The goals, processes and the action plans for Prashanti‘s cancer advocacy were discussed.

Some consensus highlights of the meeting were:
 Local focus: Look at cancer in Pune city and subsequently Pune district
 Setting up a comprehensive Pune- Prashanti cancer registry essential to provide evidence based inquiry into health care and systems.
 To study how much and how far the objectives National Cancer Control Programs (1975-76) have been met with and are being implemented in Pune city.
 Build partnership network with other NGOs and local bodies and institutions championing the cause
 Create a brand Prashanti Advocacy Movement from short term to long term goals

The members of our team include:
Mrs. Anagha Ghosh, social sciences
Mr. Subhash Katte, social sciences
Dr. Sharmila Bapat, science research
Dr. Ms Ameeta Ravi Kumar, science research
Dr. Srinivas Hotha, science research
Dr. Premnath, science and technology innovation and transfer
Dr. Rama Sivaram, social sciences
Ms.Laleh Busheri : Lawyer and Solicitor


Friday, April 23, 2010